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Clark and Shelly's 2001 Mustang

We ordered "Sally" on Dec. 31 2001 and took possession on March 1, 2002.

The car remained stock until we spent a few years in Phoenix AZ. We started out with a Steeda Sport Suspension modification that dropped the car 1 1/2". As and active participant in one of the most successful car clubs in America, the Yellow Mustang Registry, the YMR forums was a great place to get ideas. When we wanted to investigate a mod to the car, or perform some service on the car, we naturally turned to the web.

There wasn't a whole lot of sources for "Back Yard Mechanics" to find. At that point we established publishing installation articles to help those wanting to modify the car.

Establishing great relationships with various aftermarket suppliers for the Pony Car market, brings us to where we are today. Pure Mustang Performance 05 body kit with Vertical Hinge Doors, a Kenne Bell polished supercharger, Dragon Performance 75mm Throttle Body, Lightning 90mm MAF and Steeda CAI with gauges by AutoMeter. Dyno Tuning was performed by The Mustang Shop and she lays down 340rwhp with only 6psi of non-intercooled boost. We do plan on intercooling the winter of 06-07 with a gear change to come as well. The car has won several awards from Vegas to Orlando, Phoenix to Myrtle Beach's Mustang Week.

Hope you enjoy looking at Sally as much as we enjoy driving Sally.

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