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Elisa P's 2007 Mustang GT
Streator, IL

I have been coming to your site for several months I just love all the pictures out there. So I thought it was time I sent in some pictures of my Mustang.

I have a 2007 Mustang GT, 5 speed (the only way to drive a Mustang), Red fire with gray int. Shaker 500 and the GT package (which I think makes the car). I have had more complements on the looks. I have made no mods to this car and don’t plan on it. Why mess with perfection . Even my golden retriever Bailey loves the car he just can’t wait to go for a ride. This is the 4th Mustang I had and it’s my favorite. My other stangs were 1986, 1994 & 2001.

Keep up the good work I love seeing everyone else’s car maybe someone else will love mine as much as I do.

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