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Cragar Special Edition

Cragar is set to launch a new line of special edition vehicles available from select Auto dealers. Our first vehicle is based on the new '06 Ford Mustang. Here are the new Special Edition details.

New! Cragar Special Edition series vehicles-rugged, aggressive, old-school looks that reflect Cragar's famous muscle car and drag racing heritage.

The '70s era styling has "real-deal" appeal and functionality. Every part is authentic and purposeful, from its air vents and hood scoops, to the visibile stainless steel fasteners, to the high-performance brakes.

Included with each Ford Mustang:

  • Cragar Big Blue TM large, high-performance disc brakes and drilled rotors
  • Cragar S/S 20x10" wheels, plus tires
  • Cragar cat-back exhaust system
  • Cragar cold-air intake, fed through the large hood scoop
  • Cragar Special Edition interior accents, including shift knob and floor mats
  • '70s-era rear window louvers (optional)
  • Cragar Special Edition accessories, including hat, jacket, Cragar S/S key chain, and a free subscription to Hot Rod magazine
  • Full parts warranty.

These limited editions are available only as new turn-key vehicles through select Ford dealers.

Some individual components will be available through select aftermarket retailers.

Other Cragar Special Edition trucks will be announced for Ford, Dodge, and Chevy.

For more info visit the Cragar Website


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