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Vinny Barber's 2005 Steeda

This is my 2005 steeda. Mike wilson at pauls automotive engineering in cinn. ohio built it for me. it is a 4.6 3 valve has a ati procharger f1c,air to air intercooler,better crank,rods, pistons,stock cams. head work was done by livernois.headers,tci c4 with trans brake,430 gears,one piece drive shaft,weld wheels,10 piont rollcage,bmr tube frame and a frames,q-a1 adjustable struts and shocks. it weighs 3400 pounds. so far it has run 10.25 in 1/4 and 6.40 in the 1/8.

This winter we are going to put a air to water intercooler on it.we will be in the high 9's in the spring. but the best thing is i can throw my drag radials on and drive it on the steet. so beware if you meet up with me at a redlight.

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