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These are my stangs. The red one is a 96 gt, and the ole' green is an 82 gt.

Both cars are very fun to drive.

The 96 is pretty much stock aside from a cold air intake, 40 series flowmasters, and the 98 cobra
wheels and tires. The car runs GREAT!! I have only owned the car for about 5 months, so I am just getting started.

Future mods include:

* 18x9 Saleen wheels
* Cobra R hood
* Short throw shifter
* Kenny Bell Twin Screw Supercharger
* Baer brakes
* Lowering Springs

The 1982 gt is what got me to work and school for 4 years. The car is solid, but needs a little
restoration (which just so happens to be in the cards for this pony). It houses a 1994 Cobra motor, which was "rebuilt" by the previous owner. It is pretty much stock other than that, but not for long. I have a crate 302, brand new ford 8.8, world class T-5, Ford racing front suspension, and American Racing Hopster wheels wrapped in Firestones, all awaiting the day they are bolted in. The car is gonna be mean.




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