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Chelette's Silver Stallion

This is my 2005 Satin Silver 5-Speed Mustang GT Coupe, "Chelette's Silver Stallion" BKA the "BangStang" (not going into details of the nickname there)....

Modifications and additions:

Boss 429 Hood Scoop
CDC Classic Chin Spoiler (Thanks Melina, August 2005 for those two inspirations)
Cervini's C-Series Side Scoop
Cervini's C-Series Window Scoop
SLP Loudmouth Exhaust
SLP Off-Road X-Pipes
SLP Coated Long Tube Headers
Tweaked Motorsports Performance Module
18x9 Front Anthracite Bullitt Wheels wrapped in 245/40 ZR Nexen's
18x10 Rear Anthracite Bullitt Wheels wrapped in 265/35 ZR Nexen's

This car is far from finished. Once I'm back from another tour downrange in the "Sandbox", I will be adding a Supercharger to the engine, and will continue to "Nickel and Dime" more additions as they become available. The 1965 pictured belongs to my friend Kevin, I couldn't pass up the photo opportunity of having both of these amazing cars together.


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