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Mike's 01 GT
Long Island

I race inthe Northeastiron class
Here are some pictures of my two mustangs at the
track. 2001 GT and 1988 GT. My wife made me sell the
1988. She said I can't have both. I bought the
mustangs because they are a blast on the track. If
anyone is from the east coast, you should check out
our website mentioned above and come join us. For
less than $200 bucks you get two hours of track time.
Street cars are welcome(most likely won't scratch your
car), just need a helmet. You owe it to your Mustang
to let her show you what she is capable of. With some
Maximum Motosports or Griggs parts, she 'll handle
like a porshe.

I love your guys site, thanks for exposure.

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