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Darren's 01 SVT Cobra

This is my 2001 svt cobra with the saleen conversion. I luv cobras but you just can't beat the looks of the saleen. Although my car is not a real saleen and I would never pass it off as being a real is still all cobra inside!

My mods are jlt cai, mrt h-pipe with borla stingers, steeda underdrive pulley, sub frame connectors, 4.30 gears and nitto drag radials, nx wet nitrous with injector, window switch, plugs upgrade 150 shot with custome diablo predator dyno tune.....

455rwhp and 512 rwt.....traction limited et at 11.60@ 117 mph. My plans are to forge the internals and poss. go with force induction in the near future.



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