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David's 2004 Whipple Cobra
Los Angeles, CA

I recently sold my bolt-on 2001 Cobra and went to a 2004 Cobra. Here is my mod list below:

2004 Silver Whipple Cobra
Whipple 2.3L W140ax Twin Screw running 17lbs of boost (560+rwhp/540+rwtq on 91 octane and 17 degrees of timing/Race
tune coming soon!)
3.50 upper pulley
Metco 4lb lower pulley w/alternator pulley
Accufab single blade throttle body
JLT High Boost RAI w/12"K&N
SCT 2400 MAF set @ 30%
Siemen 60lb injectors/harnesses
Kenne Bell BAP
SCT Excal2 (Tuned by Greg @ RET)
BilletFlow 4pc Idlers
Magnaflow catted x
Magnaflow catback

PFab I/C Reservoir
Canton Aluminum Radiator Reservoir
Fluidyne Intercooler
Fluidyne Radiator
160 degree thermostat
Updated Jan 05 Heads
LDC Head Cooling Mod

BilletFlow IRS Brace
Metco Driveshaft loop
Centerforce DFX Clutch Kit
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
Liberty Gear 26 spline input shaft
UPR Clutch adjuster/jam nut

SOS pillar/pods, Raptor shift light
AEM Wideband
Speehut Boost/Vac 30psi
Speedhut Fuel Pressure 100psi
MGW short shifter

Kenny Brown Springs
MM caster/camber

Tires and Wheels:
Chrome Saleen 18x9 Fronts
Chrome Saleen 18x10 Rears
BFG KDW2's 275's in the front
BFG KDW2's 295's in the back

Coming Soon:
DSS Level 5 halfshafts
and more...




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