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Henry Urbina's (Darknezz) 2006 GT Saleen Clone

Current Mods include:

2005-2006 Saleen Body Kit from Stage3Motorsports
2005-2006 Saleen Center Exhaust (Same place above)

Customized Saleen Silver Decal Kit (Ford Collision Center)
Chrome Spinners from

On Order:

2005-2006 20x9/20x10 Chrome Wheels & Tires
Saleen Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
2005-2006 Saleen \"S281\" Fender Badges
2005-2006 Saleen Suspension Kit

I had Southway Ford Collision Center here in San Antonio install the parts. They did a fairly decent job, but took forever!

I know it's not the real thing, but its as close as I could afford. I love it.



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