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David's 2000 Mustang V6

After seeing the "new" 99 Mustang on display outside a hockey arena, I fell in love with
the great styling. I said to myself " one of these days" Well it took some time but a year ago I came across my Stang. The previous owner dumped her after busting up the front bumper and radiator. I decided to look after her and try to make her look as good as she deserves.

Mods so far:

Steeda G-Trac stage 1:
-Sports Springs
-Cast Camber plates
-Strut tower brace

Eagle Alloys - 95 Cobra 17x9 reps
Kuhmo 712 Estca 245/45 Front and 275/40 Rear
Tokico High performace Struts and Shocks
Steeda Clutch cable
Steeda quadrant
Steeda firewall adjuster
Steeda clutch pedal height aduster ( lowered pedal )
MGW Deluxe Shift Knob / Hand Brake
Painted Red Calipers
Mach 1 Grill Delete
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Mobil 1

Next year: Magnaflow Catback

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