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John L's 94 GT Vert
Union City, CA

I got the car from my mom and have had it for about six months. It just ticked over 130,000
miles and is still running like a champ!!! There are a bunch of mods I would love to do to it, but all of my money has so far gone into maintenance one would expect to have for an eleven year old car. As old as it is and even in stock form, the car is a beast on four wheels. I've already eaten a 1971 Cutlass 350 in a red light challenge (which I don't condone, but this guy was asking for it.....)
I've run Amsoil pure synthetic engine oil, gearbox fluid and rear diff. fluid in it since
December and I refuse to go to anything else. Amsoil is amazing!!!! Just changing the fluids alone freed up a bunch of power in that car, it's simply unbelievable stuff. I swear by it!

I got the car all stock, save for the suspension, which has Eibach lowering springs.

So far, the only mods I have done are cosmetic:
Leather wrapped shifter knob
Bullitt aluminum pedal pads

The mods I have planned are:

1) BBK full length ceramic coated headers
2) BBK short x-pipe with high flow catalytic converters
3) Borla Cat-backs

1) BBK cold air kit
2) Edelbrock Performer 5.0L intake manifold
3) 70mm Throttle body
4) March Ram Air under-the-fender system

1) BBK underdrive pullies
2) MSD ignition system
I hope to one day have GT-40X Turbo Swirl heads and a cam to compliment them.

1) lighter flywheel
2) Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
3) 3.23 or 3.55 final drive gear
In the event my stock Borg-Warner T5 transmission is unable to cope with the expected
increase in torque and horsepower, I will replace it with a Tremec T56 six speed.

1) 17x9 1995 Cobra R chrome rims up front
17x10.5 1995 Cobra R chrome rims in the back
Pirelli tires
2) A high performance brake system so I don't go into the back of a semi-truck....

As you could probably guess, none of these mods is set in stone or in the works as of yet,
but I will get to them one at a time (I plan on changing the exhaust by the end of this month and the intake by the middle or end of May). All of these mods will not only be for my enjoyment, but so I can continue a sibling rivalry with my sister (who drives a 2005 Pontiac GTO), as well as compete with my friend Emmanuel (who has a 1971 Mustang w/ a 351 Cleveland that's been modded).

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