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Aaron K's Mustang Vert

Well, I'm back at it and I've created another frankinstang. This time its a 69 boss theme and a couple mods to go along with it. As you can see it has the Roush front bumper, 03 cobra side skirts, and black cobra hood. As far as the motor goes, its a fresh rebuild do to a crack cylinder wall, the block is ford blue instead of boring black. I put a set of mild comp cams for that old school lope, a high fly X and a pair of flowmasters for a little more noise and some underdrive pulleys.

I have a saleen tonneau cover and CDC style bar. All the stripes were once again hand laid and painted, I'm in the process of making a stripe kit for all those out there who want a new look. The trunk lid is once again blacked out and I've blacked out the corners on the front bumper and between the pipes on the rear. I still have to do the taillights yet. The rear decal is also a trademark of mine and I do have more. I hope to have these kits out soon so if anyone thinks they want a pair email me at and if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop a line. I must say these designs have made a lot of heads turn and created alot of questions. I get compliments nearly everyday on this and I want to say thank you to all. These projects have been a blast and I hope to make another one here real soon. The car will be for sale at the end of the summer.



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