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Jeff's 2004 Silver Stang
Houston, TX

I've had the car about a year now and i absolutely love the car. It has gone
through many stages to get where it is today, but i'm very happy with the
outcome and hope to own many more mustangs in the future since i am only 18
right now.
Mods so far...
-Cobra R Polyurethene Front end
-Steeda Race wing with Chrome cobra winglets
-Custom Side exhaust with Dynomax cut back tips
-Mufflers removed(Very loud)
-18" Saleen Gunmetal wheels with Nexen 245's
-8" black racing stripes(put on by yours truly)
-Painted brake calipers(blue)
-HID Headlights and Fog lights
-Double blade winshield wipers

-Blue neons under dash
-Custom Cobra Shift Knob
-Wired Cobra Radar Scanner

Sound System:
-2 10" Memphis Comp series subs(separate boxes)
-Alpine V12 amp

-Side exhaust w/no mufflers
-K&N cold air induction with 75 mm MAF
-Motorvator Thottle body spacer

Other Vehicles:
-Dad's 04 Mazda RX-8
-Jeff and Dad's 1974 MGB
-Mom's 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer
-Family's 1981 Chevy Silverado single cab extended bed


*Drive it like you stole it*


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