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Reynold's 93 GT Vert
Queens, NYC

I bought my mustang in 1999 when I was just starting off College. I have had the car ever since and I hope to place other stangs in the stable alongside this one. It is a 1993 mustang GT bone stock save for some flow-masters, custom floor mats and seat covers, she is in rare prestine condition with only 33,000 miles on the clock. I consider myself an avid enthusiast and prides myself on loving Ford, this beauty is one of my prized possessions and I enjoy driving it around town.

I live in Queens NYC and many folks seem to appreciate a rare beauty when they see it. I have full length BBK headers, five point simpson camlock seat belts to install and many more mods in my sights. Take care and hope to admire my car on your great website as I do others when I visit. Thank you!


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