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Ken ‘Scratch’ Smith's 05 Roush Six
Cibolo, TX

My 6th mustang, is a 2005 Rouch six. My soul mate of 35 years purchased it for me from Jordan Ford, San Antonio TX. (recently). I replaced the cloth interior with leather, sent it to Fort Worth for the Rouch conversion, and finally, touched it up with GT striping last week.

Previous ‘stangs: 1966 red ‘six’coupe, 1970 orange Boss 302 (my soul mate of 35 years married me for this car!), 1965 black 289 fastback, 1966 red ‘pony 6’, & 1967 blue 289 coupe. I’m a kid again; I’ll never out grow my love for ‘stangs’ (or my soul mate!)…



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