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Julio and Miguel's Mustangs
Redwood City, California

Me and my brother, Miguel (in stripes), are from Redwood City, California. We own two Mustangs: Me, Julio (in white), a 25TH anniversary '89 5.0 LX Convertible and my brother a '95 5.0 GT, both stock 302s. Both are a work in progress because we're BROKE, he has no job and I have a part time job. We wouldn't even have the cars without our parents. We are all mustang fanatics and we drag anybody along with us.

Right now we are just putting whatever we can to them. No serious modifications have been done to any of them. The '89 has a straightshot cold air kit, and the '95 has a fenderwell mount cold air kit. The '89 also has red 9mm plug wires and red aluminum pulleys for appearance and a blue silicone radiator hose kit and we just recently purchased 18" black Cobras, 2003 Style for the 95.

Both are in very good condition only 92,849 miles on the '95 and 66,614 original miles on the '89 that's why it's mine. we've owned them now for about 6 months as well as a body shop my dad just opened across the street from UC Berkeley, I'll keep you posted when we get them to their ideal condition. Customers first, conratulations toall who own a Mustang and to you Mustangworld for letting us come together (remember dont race each other, race the competittion, even if its not as compettitive)



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