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Enrique's 87 Mustang GT

Hey guys, my name is Enrique Salinas I'm 16 years old, and this is my 1987 Mustang GT.
I bought the car in the summer of 2005 and with the help of my dad, we managed to basically restore the car.
I bought it from a guy who had the car just sitting in a field for a few years. My dad and I managed to paint it
and restore it to the condition that it is in right now. The car has been great so far, it's fast, and it gets me were ever I want to go. the car is basically stock except for the rebuild 5.0 engine.

Other minor mods:
Bullet mufflers
Accel Cap and Rotor
Air silencer removed

Future mods:
Ram Air system
BBK Headers
Off road H pipe
Flowmaster 2 Chamber Mufflers

I thank you guys for giving me the chance to post the pictures in your site, also special thanks goes out to my
dad for helping me out in this project.


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