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Don's 2006 Mustang
New York

I lease a new Mustang every two years and have been doing so since 1994. So it is great fun to dream about the next one every two years.

I have been leasing GTs since 1996, and I was very excited when the 2005 Mustang was announced, however, the big fog lamps on the new GT just wasn't my cup of tea. (No offense to the rest of the folks who obviously do enjoy them!)

I hoped they would change the GT for the 2006 year, but was placated when the Pony Package was announced. Could I live without the power of a GT to be happier with the nicer Pony front end? Such a predicament. When I ordered the Pony, I also decided that the black stripe along the side was competing with the black rocker panel along the bottom of all V6 mustangs. (see photo 1) I requested a stripe delete option, but a week later I was informed that Ford would not do that for the Pony package. Grrrr But my wonderful dealer (Leo Kaytes Ford) promised they could take it off with a heat gun when it arrived.

What about those Pony wheels? Although I thought they looked fine on earlier Mustangs such as silver, black or dark green, I just didn't feel that they looked too hot on Redfire. But I loved my chrome wheels on my 2004 GT. Since the Pony package included 17 inch wheels, I was planning on buying the same set of wheels and put them on my new Pony... but then I would have to sell the new wheels. So just for fun, I asked if I could switch them, and the dealer said, sure as long as you pay for the labor! So for $150 I had my chrome wheels from my 2004 black GT put on my 2006 Redfire Pony! (See photos 2 and 3)

So now I am at peace. I am very happy with my new baby. It is still quite peppy and since I drive 80 miles per day with it, maybe the V6 will save me some
money on gas! I do miss the exhaust burbling though!


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