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RAJ's 00 V6 GT- 05
Oakland , CA

Hi , my name is Raj AKA "FIJIAN RYDAZ" and this is my 2000 Mustang GT

This is my first mustang 5 speed and I'm loving it . I also have a 06 hard
top V-6 automatic for traffic driving and a 98 V-6 convertible. I have converted my GT to a 00/05 Roadster and this looks awsome. This is the first kit conversion in California.

So far the mods are :
Engine :
Underdrive pulleys.
Ram air intake with K&N air filter.
Factory clutch cable replaced with Steeda adjustable.
Steeda short shifter.

9.5" torque thrust front with 275/40/17's
11.0" torque thrust rear with 315/35/17's

Roadster kit all around

More mods to come in the near future. Any suggetions will be greatly apprecited.


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