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Doug's 06 GT

Thanks for the great site!
Your site has definitely motivated me and helped me make every buying decision, to include the purchase of my 2006 GT. I have includes some images below, and of course keep in mind I am not done yet, are you ever? I hope to add some new Cobra parts when they become available.

Here's how she looks now. I've done the basics like adding new 20" black bullitts/tires, a K&N CAI kit and a few other simple mods. I rebuilt some of those new 05-06 factory "chrome ring" wheel centers to make them fit the larger aftermarket wheels.

I had to buy two sets of springs to get what I wanted in the lowering department, mixing and matching so to speak. I bet the Eibach engineering staff would not suggest this, but hey, it rides great! With Sportlines on the back and Pro-kit springs on the front, and sits perfectly level (even with a full tank of gas). The back end is much more stable with the Sportlines, and the front is very confortable with the Pro-kits. I like my cars to be level, to get the right look.

I also installed a full Ford Racing suspension kit with new dampers and shocks, which made the car's overall ride much smoother with the lowering springs. It got rid of the tiny bounces I was getting on some rougher roads. I guess the stiffer springs were on the edge of overpowering the factory shocks on some road surfaces.

After trying out three different exhaust brands and four different systems, I finally settled on a catted x-pipe matched to a Flowmaster axle-back. I stripped off the black paint (was not powder coated as some have said). I did this because, unlike some guys, I really like to see the mufflers.


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