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Sean's 05 V6 Mustang

This 05 mustang even though its only a v6 has unbelievable power and the looks are amazing. Still to this day i get compliments everywhere i go. On the
road people whip lash to see my car. And the funny thing is they are so gorgeous and ford did such an amazing job with them i still fing myself getting whip lash when i see them driving by me.

Its cool because us 05 and 06 owners wave when we pass to eachother its just a great feeling to know your apart of something nice. i have wanted to own a mustang my whoel life and now i have prob i think the best looking kind of mustang out there.

The v6 is only pusing 210 horse and 240 torque but thats more then enough to be honest i would love more and will have more once i get my new one in april when i trade this one in and upgrade everything on it. and as you will see i have 2 brothers that have mustangs also. Mustang loving family. So i hope you enjoy and i cant wait to update the site with my new 06 Mustang and my bros
mustangs all done up.

To all of you other owners congrats and to all of you future owners you now know how it the way this site mustangworld is awesome i have been trying to find pictures of 05 mustangs forever and when i found this site i was very happy. thank you


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