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Matt's 86 Ford GT Vert

My name is Matt im 16 and i have a 1986 Ford Mustang GT convertible. Its very nice and a hole lot of fun to drive in the summer time. It was my fathers mustang for about 4 years before he gave it to me for keeping my grades up at school. Its all stock pretty much im about to buy two flowmaster original 40s for it.

I hope it will sound good ive already got my cats cut off and some glass packs but its not the sound im going for with this car. I would appreciate it if you mustang lovers would email me and let me know what would sound the best on my car and what all i can do to it for max horse power with out spending an arm and a leg. Thanks and i hope you enjoy my photos. I would appreciate you all sending me emails about my car. Please send them to the following email address i get on this one daliy.

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