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Read's 06 Mustang GT

I recently recieved a 2006 Mustang GT for Christmas. As of now it is completely stock. My dad opted to get the Shaker 500 because I can always put some speakers in the back if I want and to tell the truth I really don't need them.

I was pulled over the other day by the police. I didn't think I had done anything wrong and it turns out I had not. The officer pulled me over so he could get a better look of my car. He said he had a '04 GT and had not had the chance to look over a new GT yet. Well it was a heck of a way for him to do it, but I found it pretty funny and went on about my business with a great story to tell my friends.

Possible upgrades include Flowmaster Series 40 exhaust and maybe a Steeda body kit if I can save up enough money.

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