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Ethan's 86 GT Vert

I am 16. My dad and I got this car in fall of 2003. It is a 1986 Mustang GT.

We had been looking for about 3 months when one of my dads friends said he had one at his used car dealership. We when and took a look at it. It was grey and in alright shape. What we really liked was the 80,000 miles on the odometer.

My mods are pretty small but the biggest mod is the color change. We chose a 2004 Ford color of Laser Red.

Other minor mods:
K&N Filter
Full-Boar Mufflers
Rebuit the T-5\

One thing I would change is my mufflers. These are OK, they have lifetime warrenty but they are not loud enough.

I love the car. It gets me where i need to go and is fast. My dream mustang would actually be a 89. I kind of like the clean look of an LX so it would be a 89 LX. I would probably add a hood. I would also rebuild the engine to withstand a supercharger.



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