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Courtney's 01 V6 Vert
Long Beach, CA

2001 V6 Convertable Mustang

These are pics of my 2001 V6 convertable mustang i love this car this is my second purchased mustang. My first was a 94 Mustang V6, But to many engine problems forced me to get rid of it, but my dream mustang to own one day would be the 67 Mustang gt 500 aka elenor from Gone In 60 seconds after i saw that movie is when i really got into mustangs thats the best one ever in my opinion, 2nd to that is the mustang from Bullitt, 2 great movies you should see if you havent.

My mods so far include:

18 inch verzzio rims< /DIV>
Size Matters eblems
2 12's with a 1200 watt amp
7 inch indash tv
2 40 series flowmasters with magnaflow quad exhaust stainless steal tips
neon green under lights

my future mods will include:

BBK cold air intake
police scanner & stainless steal mustang inserts

Thanks mustangworld you guys are the greatest


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