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Jeff's 06 GT Vert
Las Vegas, NV

06 GT Vert Premium

Tungsten Grey
Light Graphite Interior
5 Speed Manual Tranny


Side airbags
Shaker 1000


Eibach Pro Kit (The camber adjustment was a bit of an adventure)
20" Intro Phantom Wheels, 8-1/2" Front, 10" Rear
BF Goodrich G Force Tires, Traditional Tread, 245/40 Front, 275/35 Rear
Sequential Taillights (very cool) and Exhaust Tips from MRT
Window Tint

This car is fantastic. Thanks to all of the posts on Mustang World that helped me set this car up. I spent a lot of time on-line researching while waiting for the car to be delivered. Mustang World is definitely the best Mustang website. Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride!

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