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Pedro's Mini's
Baltimore, Maryland

You may have seen the "mini" car craze on some of the messageboards around the net... We have surfed around and found someone that has done quite a few of them.

Pedro has created a ton of them and also has an excellent video how-to, so you can make your own car into a "mini car" for the holidays.

He has done his own Camaro SS along with many other readers cars (including many Mustangs) on SVTperformance, Mustangworld, and many other messageboards. -MW

Check out some of his work below...

Video walk threw

I'm a 25 year old electronics technician from Baltimore, Maryland.. I was originaly just trying to practice using Photoshop and figured I would make some cool pictures for a few people at the same time.

I saw a few Mini's on Ebaums world and really thought they were funny so I made a few pics of my own car. I decided to offer to make some Mini's to people on and Thinking that i would do a few cars then thats it. The popular media section over on really enjoyed my pics and the tread is still going.... Thread here .... I think I have done about 70-90 cars total...

(also on the MW boards Thread here )

Here is a link to a great write up

- Pedro

Pedro's ride with animated spinners..







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