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Richard Cranston's 95 GT
St Louis, MO

The driver of #32 is Richard Cranston, an Englishman turned American who now enjoys the pleasures of burning copious amounts of gasoline on race weekends in an American V8 race car.

In England Richard enjoyed driving three Lotus sports cars over the years, but his boyhood love was the 427 Cobra. After years of casual enjoyment of his sports cars, a day at the Castle Combe racing school in England taught Richard some basic racing skills and planted a seed for the future.

On moving to America, the urge to own a bona fide V8 musclecar grew and the Mustang was purchased. Richard made friends with other Mustang owners that took their cars to track events at the weekend and he became hooked. After two years of club events, Richard finally took the plunge at the end of 2003 to enter amateur racing with the National Auto Sport Association and the rest is history!

Construction of the #32 Mustang began in the winter of 2003. Prior to this the car was an everyday driver. Some select aftermarket components were chosen for the race suspension, namely an SLA front suspension with a Panhard Bar and Torque Arm for the rear. The late model fuel injected motor was treated to AFR heads, custom cam and a new valve train from Flowtech Induction Systems. At the same time the motor was converted to a carburetor for simplicity and ease of maintenance.

The winter of 2004 saw a number of modifications to #32. The engine was set back 3” which required the use of an external oil pump for steering rack clearance, but a poor choice of oil pump sidelined the #32 for a number of races while issues were resolved. The final resolution was to replace the first oil pump with a unit of much better quality and this is when we were introduced to Roy Johnson and Amsoil lubricants. Roy’s company designs and manufactures some of the best external oil pumps you can buy. As a part of Roy’s oil system he also recommended using Amsoil series 2000 0W30 motor oil for its extremely high quality and excellent flow characteristics.

Richard and the #32 showed their true potential in the final four races of the year with two fifth places, a third and a second place finish. The only hiccup was that now the car made too much horsepower for the AI class and so we ran in the AIX (unlimited) class. With the run of good finishes we were able to secure third overall in the Midwest AIX Championship for 2005.

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