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Steve H's 01 GT
Davenport, Iowa
Currently Deployed in Iraq

This is my 2001 Mustang GT

I bought it used in March of 2002 from a local dealership and I have to say this has been my favorite car And recently the only car I actually owned that still runs and looks great.

*I haven’t done alot to it yet, but the things I have done are as follows;
*Crome shifter knob
*Crome climate control knobs
*Painted door Bezels, same color as the car “Silver”
*Mustang GT racing pedals purchased from Mustang
*Along with silver bumper sticker inserts also purchased from Mustang
*Silver / Carbon Fiber indiglo gauge inserts.
*Blue Neon lights mounted underneath the dashboard to eluminate the inside blue at night.
*10% Tint on the side and rear windows.

As I said before I have alot of plans to do more to this car, like;
*Rims “SSR GT3”
*Lower Suspension
*Etc, Etc, Etc

But right now im in Iraq serving our country until December 2005, but stay tuned and I will be updating my pictures as the modes take place.

If any MustangWorld fans like myself, have any great ideas of what other things I can do to my car, please feel free to write me at:

Stevehag@Hotmail.Com with your suggestions.

Thanks Again, MustangWorld.

MW: A big thanks to Steve and all our brave men and women in our nation's military.

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