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Adam's 05 Mustang
Houston, Tx

Heys guys! This is my second car ever, my 2005 redfire v6 mustang. I love it. It's my baby. It may not be a GT, but this baby still has some power.

I got my windows tinted, put in a billet grille, fog light kit, and window louvres. Thanks to for the grille and fog light kit! Ya'll should check it out if ya'll have a v6.

My Car:
My Color
Tan cloth interior
shaker 500
"16 chrome wheels (yeah ... I know. not very impressive. but with going a larger size, I would have to buy new tires as well. and I've already spent 1000 in upgrades.... dunno.gif

I got my louvres from the custom shop that installed my grille. However, has them ordered already paint. Their shipment of my
grille took two weeks, but their parts are really nice!

Hmm... My wheels are MB design from Discount Tire (their exclusive brand). I could have gone bigger, but I think that they are nice for now. They're 16", but I will buy bigger wheels and tires in a year or so when I have the money.

You can check them out here:

Mustangworld Shop

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