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Seb's Mustang GT Rice Burner

Mustangs are meant to be badass. No self respecting Mustang owner should put altezzas, glowtards, or any form of rice on their Mustangs. This is the car I race on weekends and drive daily. As you can see, it sees a lot of action from cone dodging to quarter-mile racing, this stang feels antsy just sitting in parking at a car show. Or maybe it is the owner?

The highlights of my racing included a 13.77 @ 100.2MPH when factory stock and some nifty Autocrossing awards, including 8th overall on the Interprovincial Cup Champion (Quebec vs. Ontario). I’m looking at going back to the quarter-mile track on a decent day to get revised numbers. Hoping for something that looks a 13.2 @ 104-105MPH. The car has dynoed @ 272WHP and 307WTQ before the steeda stainless, CAI and 75MM TB/Plenum. I’ve been told by many that those numbers sound like a ‘ringer’s numbers – it was a cool day, and yippy.

I’m lucky enough to have found a life partner (my wife) that understands and enjoys the sport/hobby that makes me feverish. The key is to let her know she is not in competition with the car – I know it sounds messed up, but they need to hear that every once in a while. My 4 yr old son thinks Mustangs are the best, his first words where actually the noise of my car going through gears – funny how the car had like 17 gears. : )

My current mods are mostly bolt-ons.

- 3.73 Ford Racing Gears
- SCT Custom Tune (94 octane)
- Steeda Stainless Cat Back
- MacProchamber midpipe with weld in HIPO Cats
- Demolet Coldair Intake
- 75MM Dragon TB and Plenum
- MAC Underdrive pulleys
- Steeda 4 bolt Caster/Camber plates (Best handling mod)
- Kenny Brown Subframes
- Ford Racing Lowering Springs (junk for Autocross)
- 17x9 Bullit RIMS with NITTO 555RII Roadrace 275/40/17 Tires (100tw)
- SOLO2 – 17x9 HOOSIERS mounted on Konig Villain Wheels (thanks Greg)

She’s badass. No force induction or giggle juice will ever be installed on her. I want direct power all the time for soloII and road racing (future). I am saving up for heads, mild CAMs and lower intake right now. Once I see the car hit mid to high 12s, I will start saving up for next project car – and keep this one as my badass daily driver.


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