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Nikki's 04 Mustang
Webster, New York

here is a picture of the new stang.. nothin done to it cept the black bumper inserts and 2 pony decals that i just added to the back seat windows.

I've had two 2004 mustangs (both v6) so far.. a red one and now i've got a silver one.. i submitted the red one before but it never got posted.. on june 8th i
flipped it bumper to bumper 3 times in rush hour traffic and didn't hit anybody or get hurt at all.. after that.. i decided i wanted another mustang because of the fact that i wasnt hurt.. the car took the beating for me=)

heres some pictures of the totalled one..

I also got the pony tattooed on my lower back (debating weather or not to get it colored in..


me sitting in the BACK seat.. dunno how i didn't get squished along with the car=\

all i gotta say is.. ford makes a good car=)

We are glad you made it out ok and are in a new Mustang. - MW


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