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Lance's 01
Customized "SGT" (Stalker GT)

Lance's 01 Customized "SGT" (Stalker GT)

This car is the talk of our Mustang club around here with it's customization and speeds to match.

The mods are as follows:
Engine and internals
Rebuilt 4.6 Cast Iron Block
Forged Pistons (8 to 1)
Forged Rods
Cobra Forged Crankshaft
Stage 3 port and polished heads from
Hot street Cam from
60 pound injectors
Cobra Tank
Dual Focus Fuel pumps
C&L Plenum
BBK 75mm Throttle body
McCleod Clutch
Vortech supercharger 3.12 Pulley
Anderson Motorsport Powerpipe
BBK Long tube headers
BBK H-Pipe
Flowmaster Cat-Back 2 1/2 inch exhaust system
Custom chip tuned by JMS (Johnson Motorsport)

The engine rebuild and chip tune was done by Johnson Motorsport in Mobile, AL. Johnson Motorsport
was founded by Chris Johnson who is one of the founders of SCT tuning software.

This car Dyno'd at 505 RWHP per Monty at JMS Chip corp and my dyno sheet. :)

External Mods
Saleen style (Now SGT Style :)) Wheels with 25545ZR18 Nitto tires
Customized combined body kit of Saleen, ABC Exclusive and Cervinis
Custom Graphics done by Signs and Designs of Columbus

Custom "SGT" emblems for fenders and trunk are made by Alumixgrapics

Custom Wheels caps are from TR Custom parts

Paint job is San Marino Red with three coats of clear...OH, so deep and rich. :)

Here are the pics of my baby. :)


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