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Jonathan's and Courtney's Mustangs
South Carolina

My name is Jonathan and this is my Yellow 2003 Mustang Cobra and my wife Courtney's 2001 Mustang convertible. My Cobra comes with a supercharger and the supercharger pulley has already been swaped out. My Cobra has also been tuned up with a predator chip and a Bassani exhaust system including the X-pipe. It has a 6-speed transmission with a RAM 600 ceramic clutch, and a short throw shifter.

Getting ready to soon test it out on dyno, I 'm thinking it should easily be pushing 450 HP. My wifes convertible has been upgraded with a flowmaster cat back system and cold air-intake. It also has had a styling bar added inside and euro tail lights. Both of these cars are fun to ride, but NOTHING BEATS A COBRA!!!


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