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Logan's 95 V6

I’m a 18 year old that just recently graduated from high school and am now attending Florida Community College of Jacksonville, Fl. I bought my car in 2002 which is a 1995 V6 Ford Mustang that used to be stock red. When I first bought it I was ready to change it from a stock mustang and turn it in to a completely different car with nothing stock.

It all started with the flow master exhaust with 3 1/2 inch exhaust pipes out the back. Soon after I followed up with flame thrower exhaust that shoot out 3 feet or so. My car then was ready for a body kit. This is when I chose the Black Widow body kit (Spyder X-9). Then of course it was time for a hood. After some research I found the Cobra R SVO hood. Now that I had the body parts for my car it was time for paint. This took a lot of thinking and I finally decided to change the plain stock red paint to black with red pearl flames.

When I received my car back from the paint my friend had someone make cus tomized metal letters made for my car. On the back of the car it says “NASTANG.” (which is short for Nasty Mustang). Now on the side of my car as well as my license plate it says “LOGADOOG.” (Now this is my nickname). Then of coarse no car looks good with out rims. This is where the 18’9 and 18’10 chrome saleen rims came in the picture which made a incredible difference I must say. It was now time for the interior.

I started off with a pioneer cd player and two twelve inch kicker comp vr’s which soon after my girlfriends step dad and I built a customized box in the trunk for it and well as a seat delete kit for my back seat with my amp bolted in the middle of the back of it so every one can see it when they look in my car. Before you see the amp you see my sparco harness bar which the harness’s attached to which held me into my old type x racing seats (which broke). So right now I’m in the process of either ordering Sparco or Corbrau seats. After looking at my car and thinking I dec ided to trade my APC head lights out for the 1 piece black housing halo headlights which I have not got in the mail yet.

I finally decide it was time for a wing on my car. I didn’t want to go with nothing big, because my car has a good flow, so that is when I decided to buy the saleen s281 style wing. I then went with white neon light under the car since red and blue are illegal. Even though red is illegal and anything that flashes is illegal I still got red neon with strobes under the hood right behind the scoop, so at night it shines out and gives it a mean look. It was now time for a bittet grill for the front bumper which looks great. Now for the engine. I have a few chrome accessories as well as a cold air intake from bbk. I also have a 5.0 shifter with a racing clutch and unfortunately that’s it for the engine.

I have much more to come and hope to get my car sponsored and in a magazine.

If you have any questions or know anyone interested in sponsoring my car email me at:

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