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Bill puts together Mustang Cruise
New York

I just wanted to submit a few pics of a 50 mile cruise I put together that went
through the windy, scenic roads of Sussex County, New Jersey on Sunday, June 26, 2005. We had about 30 cars meet up with us at the local shopping mall and our cruise took us all the way across the border into upstate New York and back again.

Except for the 95 degree heat and 65% humidity, everything went perfectly. These pics were taken by my friend Mike Medina, and he took the driving shots from his 1982 Mustang GT T-Top.

If there is anyone surfing MW in the Tri-State area (Northern New Jersey,
Northeastern PA or Southwestern NY state, or even NYC for that matter) who
would like to meet up with us (we want to get an organized club formed) contact
me at

Oh and by the way, the True Blue 2003 GT belongs to me.

-Bill Talmadge


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