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Dennis Hall's 97 GT Show car

We just wanted to mention that we don't do for sale ads in Select Stangs, with few exceptions like this, Dennis is a long time friend and his Mustang has been featured in numerous magazines and calendars, we are sad to see it go - MW

Can you believe it? I can’t either … I’m actually selling the blue-flamed one. Never thought I would but it’s just about one thing: time for a change even though it’s painful thinking about giving up this ride. Keeping an eye on the next Cobra coming in ’06 … and considering what them German fellas’ have got going on these days. I used to have a few Porsches in the 1970s including several 911s and 914s. Dug ’em all and the latest itinerations are amazing sports cars.

First up: Many thanks to Glenn and for the publicity over the years including right now when this beauty is going on the market.

Well, all the fun with this show-stopping, road rocket started about this time in ’97 when I bought the black but stock beauty. That didn’t last long. The blower was on within a month after checking out what was available which pretty much came down to Vortech and a trick setup from Allen Engineering in Oxnard. I went with the “V” guys and based on my participation in car shows that summer with a spanking new S-trim, I believe I had one of the few, if not one of the first, blown GT’s of ’96-’97 vintage in the Southern California area. For one thing, Vortech had just started making a blower for the new Stang mod motors and those had only been out a year.

Since then, the festivities have not stopped. This has been a project car of intensity, details and a grip of $$$. About $60,000 in aftermarket gear as of right now. Everything took longer than expected and cost more than anticipated. That was all good most of the time however, because the ride was a project hobby, “weekend car,” cruiser, and show runner — but not trailer queen.

The modification process was always part of a larger plan. For example, when I added power, the brakes and suspension were addressed before more power. And so on. It’s all come together thanks to — in the beginning — Steve at Powertrain Dynamics, Joe at Chicane Sport Tuning, then later, and for quite a few years now, Eric at Xtreme Mustang Performance.

Now, I’m not gonna’ sit here and say it’s the “coolest” car around. But I know what has been put into this vehicle: the time, money, planning, detailing, overall TLC. Honestly: I’ve not seen many late-model Stangs that continued to look showroom new over the years while covering all the modification bases tastefully and thoroughly (3,000 stickers all over a car and a 10-foot whale tale immediately disqualifies your wheels from the coolness sweepstakes. Sorry but is it your personal street car or does it belong to the sponsors and Rice crowd? I say, you gotta’ choose.)

There is a reason 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords did a lengthy feature on the car and put it on its cover a few years ago in addition to running numerous other pics in various car show articles over the years. That was in addition to another small profile on the car early on. And there is a reason Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords has done several articles on the car including an extensive profile in 2002. MM&FF also showcased the car in its 2002 Calendar of Hot Stangs. And I think 40-some odd trophies including Best of Shows, plus a few street dances over the years have proven to me that the car rocks — in both appearance and performance.

The mods are exhaustive and frankly, they don’t even tell the entire story, in particular, the attention to detail. And it’s street legal: passed smog on May 13. Check out the upgrades and photos. If you’re seriously interested in acquiring an extreme street Stang in near concours condition that has not been beaten on, abused or raced (a few low-key street skirmishes don’t count; that’s just playin’) and has been kept out of the rain, email me. Sacrifice at $25,000 OBO.

Dennis Hall
Orange County, Ca.
1997 Mustang GT


Vortech S-Trim supercharger with Generation-3 upgrade; Powertrain Dynamics custom-fabricated, polished power pipe
Sean Hyland Motorsports/Spearco air-to-air intercooler system with Vortech Racing Bypass Valve
Fluidyne Racing Products polished aluminum radiator with XMP polished aluminum radiator cover and overflow reservoir tank
Mezier polished aluminum high-flow electric water pump
Ford Racing Performance Parts steel pulleys and steel tensioner upgrades
Canton Racing Products Cobra R road racing oil pan and windage tray; Ford Racing gaskets
TD Performance Products oil cooling dual-filter relocation system: stainless steel lines/-6AN fittings; Ford Racing filters
Ford Racing oil cooler with steel-braided lines and –6AN fittings; XMP polished aluminum power steering reservoir tank
1998 PCM and main wiring harness; Autologic chip; MSD DIS-4 ignition with dual tach adapters; ACCEL coil packs
Taylor Pro 409 10.4-mm spark plug wires with Taylor dividers
NGK Iridium IX plugs
Interstate Extreme Performance/Optima HD Red Top battery in trunk; polished aluminum Taylor box
Gates drive belt
Fluids: all synthetic (Mobil 1, Red Line, Motul DOT 5, Evans coolant)


Pro-M 80-mm mass air meter
Ford Racing 42-lb. injectors
Ford Racing 70-mm polished throttle body
Vortech fuel pumps: T-Rex 255 external/255 LPH in-tank; steel-braided/Gates lines front-back
Paxton adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Prototype UPR custom fabricated, anodized high-volume fuel rails; steel-braided lines/AN fittings
Fuel Safe Cobra R 22-gallon black powdercoated racing fuel cell
Pro-fit polished aluminum linear fuel door

Complete Griggs Racing GR-40 Street System (powdercoated “Ford Atlantic metallic blue”):
Tubular “K” member
Bump steer adjustment kit
Severe duty tubular control arms cross-braced and enhanced by Scott Performance; urethane bushings
Caster/camber plate kit
Coilover springs with double-adjustable Konis yellow struts
Severe duty urethane motor mount
Severe duty torque arm
Heavy duty panhard bar
Severe duty lower control arms with urethane bushings
Coilover springs with double-adjustable Konis yellow shocks
——Other suspension modifications:
Scott Peformance custom-fabricated, full-length tri-ladder subframes welded through floor into rollcage
Torque boxes enhanced and welded by Scott Performance
Eibach anti-roll bars front and rear (also powdercoated Ford Atlantic Metallic Blue)
Urethane bushings in front sway bar endlinks, rear sway bar and steering rack
Saleen anti-roll bar endlinks

Art Carr race-prepped 4R70W auto transmission with 2750 stall speed torque converter; B&M hammer shifter
Setrab 13.75x12.5x1 transmission cooler with Flex-a-lite fan, –6 steel-braided lines and –6AN fittings
Superior 31-spline 8.8 alloy axles; ARP racing wheel studs
Ford Racing 4.10 gears and Eaton posi-traction differential
Timken carrier, pinion and axle bearings, rear-end seal kit; T/A aluminum differential cover
XMP custom-fabricated, racing duty differential/rear end cooling system (trunk mounted)
Griggs Racing custom-built aluminum driveshaft; Lakewood driveshaft loop


JBA Racing Cat4Ward high-temp, black ceramic metallic-coated headers; Ford tri-metal gaskets; Stage 8 locking header bolts
Bassani X-pipe
Borla catback with turn-downs


HRE Forged Limited Edition 540 custom-fabricated 3-piece alloy wheels; 18 x 9.5 (front) 18 x 11 (rear)
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires: 265 x 35ZR x 18 (front); 295 x 35ZR x 18 (rear)
Baer Pro-Race+ System: Alcon 4-piston calipers; 13.5 x 1.25-inch, 2-piece, cross-drilled, slotted, zinc-washed, cryogenically treated anodized rotors; Porterfield Racing carbon kevlar R4-S pads; Motul Dot 5 synthetic fluid


Modifications and tuning by XMP (Aliso Viejo, Ca.) and Autologic
Numerous one-off components and polished aluminum pieces; liberal use of steel-braided lines and AN fittings wherever possible


Paint: “Flames” by Southern California Artist Jeff Styles; Exterior and rollcage (Sikkens and PPG) by AutoReconUSA (Irvine, Ca.)
Cobra OEM diamond cut headlight lenses; APC Euro Clear corner lenses
UPR billet aluminum windshield wiper delete pieces
APC Plasma Super White xenon gas bulbs in headlights
APC Plasma blue bulbs in side corners
PIAA 1700X Platinum Series fog light system (Plasma Blue Fog)
Scott Winger polished aluminum raised rear bumper letters


Recaro Sport “Topline” custom-made seats; black leather/blue suede; with Schroth Rallye Cross 4-point seat harnesses
XMP designed and fabricated rear-seat delete
Auto Meter gauges: boost, air-fuel ratio, fuel pressure, water, oil, transmission and 2-stage intake-intercooler temps
Ford Racing FR500 steering wheel
UPR Racing Products brushed billet aluminum trim pieces
Cal Mustang carbon fiber trim
Sullivan Products polished aluminum pedal covers and brushed aluminum door sills


Scott Performance custom-fabricated, 1½ inch, chrome-moly, 6-point rollcage (painted titanium metallic silver) with crossbar that
Is welded through floor into jacking rails and tri-ladder custom subframes; shock towers connected in trunk
Halon Marketing fire extinguisher (polished chrome finish; attached to rollbar’s crossbrace)
Karr Security Systems alarm




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