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Andrew D's 90 GT
Las Vegas, NV

I own the 1987 LX 5.0 Coupe. I bought the car in September 1990. It was white, bone stock, and had 23 K miles on it. The first change was a sunroof and blackout kit two weeks after I bought the car. Since then came the Weld Draglite Racing wheels, underdrive pullys, 180 thermostat, 2 chamber flowmaster mufflers, off road H kit, 3:55 gears, 3 core radiator, gauges on the inside, roll cage, shift kit and supercooler on the AOD tranny.

About a year ago I had the engine rebuilt. At that time I installed 24 lb injectors, a crower SVO cam, trick flow upper & lower intake, adj fuel pressure regulator, 93 cobra computer, and mass air conversion kit to match. Six months ago I had the car painted 99 GMC metallic pewter and added a 2.5 inch cowl hood, racing belts and a rear wing off a toyota MR2.

In a month or two I will install a dry nitrous kit and have 4:10 gears put in it. I also have another AOD that will get a stall converter and comp shift kit. I have all synthetic fluids in it.

It sure is fun to play with on the street. I have two hoods for it. The normal 2.5 inch cowl hood and the one with the hole cut in it and the blower scoop mounted to bars hooked to te hood. People sure do stare at it. (hehehehehe)

Oh yeah, I am looking for girls to pose on the hood...



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