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Dave's 05 GT

I picked up this black beauty (recently) and let me tell you this car is far beyond my expectations. I sold my 99 cobra vert for this and couldn't be more glad that I did eben though I loved that car also.

I was so lucky to get this car. I went into the dealer about a month ago to see if I could order one just like this and was told they aren't accepting orders anymore. The sale guy said he would give me a call if he got one like I wanted but not to get my hopes up. I figured I would be waiting to get an 06 model. On April 19 he called and said he got a black 5spd with IUP and red leather and I was there the next day to sign papers and bring it home. It was born on April 7th.

I plan on putting a magnaflow or JBA axle-ba

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