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David's 02 GT

Current changes include:

20" Chrome Rims, Low-Pro tires
Lowered 2" front, 1.8" rear
Octane Body Kit
HID Lights (very blue)
Mirror tints 35%

Very Near future changes:

Flowmaster exhaust (with chrome tips)
Reverse glow-gauges
Clear Projector lens headlights (to get rid of the yellow corner lamps).
POSSIBLY clear euro taillights (not too sure yet).

Down the road changes:

Performance mod's (ie. gears, supercharger, etc). Audio upgrades.

This car is insane as it is now, just looks wise. It turns heads like you wouldn't believe! Staring isn't polite, but in this case, its understandable. The ghostly blue headlights just draw in the looks, and the 20"s and kit keep them locked. Next time I have a chance, I will photograph the headlights, hopefully they come out like real-life.


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