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Mike's 96 GT Vert
aka "m i k e ø n e"

SoCal, West Coast

Yo, yo, yo.. first off I wanna give big time props to all my site-spawnin', big homies at MW; Glenn aka "Big G", Henry, Karen and Elise. Gotta mention my mustang car club, where you'll find the hottest stangs nation-wide! Next up, I gots to say what 's crakin' to all my lil homies in teh MW clubhouse, from coast to coast! whoop, yeah, I told all ya'll I'd make it... You can send me a PM if ya have any questions.

Now let's talk about my ride, that I have since sold, but never forgotten. We've got the factory lazer red paint that always turned heads, combined with 17" factory wheels dipped in chrome that I always kept polished via Windex, for that bling blangin effect.

Out front I replaced the stock foggy headlamps with a clear Cobra set and matching clear euro corners. I blacked out the center pillar in the front bumper for a cleaner look. I removed the fogs also, they never really helped IMO.

For suspension I used MW/Sprint springs that dropped it about 2" up front and 1.5" out back, combined with Tokiko "blue" shocks and Steeda caster camber plates. This set up worked great for my monthly auto cross runs, and handled great as well around town.

As far as bolt-on's and other little things go, I added a Tri Ax shifter, MW pedals, Mac under drive pulleys, MSD wires, Mac cold air, Mac off-road h-pipe, Mac 2.5" Catback. I removed the spoiler for a while, but ended up putting it back on.

That's about it, I've enjoyed MW since 2000 and thought I would finally get around to adding my stang. Thanks Glenn for starting up one of the web's better stang sites, as I've learned a lot and met some very cool stangers from coast to coast because of it!

Meeting up with Dom and Brian Spilner...

Till next time, see ya! -Mike


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