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Carolyn's 05 GT
Lake Forest, CA

Eibach Pro Kit springs lowered, w/ Steeda Pan Hard

I ordered my Sonic Blue 05 GT premium on November 30th from Rancho Santa Margarita Ford and picked it up late Janurary right after work.

I have lowered the car with the Eibach Pro Kit and a steeda adjustable pan hard bar and also put some steeda under drive pulleys on and tinted the windows 20% on the front and 15% out the back. Next mod is a set of the Magnaflow Axle Backs.

This is my second Mustang GT I also own a 2001 Mineral Grey which was featured here in Select Stangs in February 2003. Many mods on the 01 since that post in February.


I took my 05 to get dynoed today at Brothers Performance in Corona. Here are the results from the dyno sheet.

The car is stock except for (steeda under drive pulleys). The temp outside was around 70 degrees.

Three pulls total:

1st pull: Max Power 275.3 Max Torque 299.9
2nd pull: Max Power 277.7 Max Torque 299.8
3rd pull: Max Power 279.1 Max Torque 300.5

Max power at 5,200 RPM and VERY HAPPY that it stayed at max power through 5,900 RPM when we shut it down.

Max torque at 4,200 RPM and stayed to around 4,500 RPM and then dropped way off.




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