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David's 96 Pony GT
Tracy, California

It's the third Mustang I own. I bought in March of ’96 after selling a 1981 “Ghia”.

Odometer in this car reads 65K original miles and still running like the first day I drove it out of the Dealer’s lot, fast, strong with horses that bark. I keep it well maintained according to schedule. Over the past year, I have added many goodies (accessories) to the interior and exterior. Billet interior with carbon fiber trims and dash inserts. Bullitt shift knob and pedals. Stainless Steel MUSTANG GT bumper inserts letters. Side quarter louvers and side scoops for that “Classic Fastback” look. Xenon Blue headlights and fog lights. I also replace the original fuel door with a Bullitt fuel door. Under the hood installed a K&N Airfilter and removed the air silencer. I was planning on window tint and adding a Saleen style nose piece and rear bumper with side exhaust plus the Cobra style headlights set with black housing and carbon fiber Euro tail lamps. But now…..

The new and young Mustangs are in town and I’m saving every penny to get my new GT. I’ve been hooked on Mustangs since I was in high school in the late ‘60’s and saw the new 1969 Mach 1. At that time, it was impossible for me to buy one so I kept dreaming that some day I will own one (any) Mustang. In 1975 I bought my first one, a red 1971 model Mach 1 (NOT the Boss 351) just the regular. This car was huge, the size of a tank, but I wanted my Mustang plus gasoline was only $.75 cent a gallon or less. The car was used but in good running condition. I remember paying $2000 for it.

Here I am now, 30 years later, ready to buy my fourth “pony” but I’m waiting for the 2006 GT to come out so I can have a decade of difference between the two models. This one (maaaybe) will go to my younger son once he graduate from High School this year. He’s counting the days to graduation ;o)

As you can see, this car it’s a Laser red color or let’s said…candy apple red. It came with 17” wheels and rear spoiler. It has the 4.6L V8 with 5 speed transmission. Still have the same (stock) engine, no modifications. More than enough power for me. I don’t do racing so why spend the money!


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