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Trey's 03 GT

This is my 03 GT 5spd, I call it 'Shadow'...not the best pics, but the best for now. It's my 4th Mustang and shares the garage with my 5th---a 65 coupe. Best of all--we recently moved from Mustang, Ok. I chose true blue because it is fairly rare in comparison to other colors, it looks sinister, yet conservative next to brighter cars, and it matches Air Force blue...makes sense since me and the wife are in the AF. The 03 isn't modded too heavily...

I'm waiting for the warranty to run out first. Mods are Flowmasters, Steeda Tri-ax, Steeda springs, black Bullit rims, MRT shift knob, shorty antenna, grille delete with throwback emblem, K & N, mach1 chin and tinting...I also removed the wing and am searching for a subtle duck tail to replace it.

On the horizon are polished plenum, new headers, 3.73 gears, a pulley kit and possibly a 10 inch Carolina blue racing stripe from the rooter to the tooter. Maybe a supercharger someday. Problem is I have to add an 06/07 Cobra to the garage without putting my two ponies out to pasture. Wife won't consider losing either of the two.


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