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JR Noe's 02 Supercharged GT
Creston, OH

I was featured with my v6 here:

2002 Supercharged Mustang GT

Oct. 2003 the car was vandalized for $11,000 in
damaged. They keyed every body panel, and took a knife
to my interior and tires. The only thing spared was
the engine.

Since then i have added all of the following:

Vortehc SQ-Trim Supercharger
75mm Accufab TB
Self Ported Plenum
42# Injectors
90mm MAF
SVT Fuel Pump
NGK Spark Plugs Tune

Mac Longtube Headers
Mac Prochamber
MagnaPack Cat-back

Bullitt Shocks and Struts

Steeda Tri-Ax
Billet Pieces


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