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Tonia's 03 GT
Auburn, AL

Tonia goes with a unique pink paint on her Mustang ! - MW

Hi, my name is Tonia, I am 19 years old. I heard about this site through my boyfriend John.. He has the '95 5.0 chameleon Saleen in the '79-'98 showcase for May 2003.

I have always been a Mustang lover. It all started with my toy Mustang Barbie car, when I was a little girl. I always said that I would own a real one. When I turned 16, my dreams came true. My daddy bought me a red '95 Mustang GT 5.0. I loved that car but I never did that much to it. I upgraded the exhaust to Flowmaster 2-chamber mufflers and changed the tape player to a Rockford Fosgate CD/MP3 player but that was it.

Well, as we all know over time cars just seem to fall apart little by little, especially if you dog it out the way I did. So, one day my dad and I went to our local Ford dealership to fix something on my car that had once again broke. That was my lucky day. My dad saw a red 2003 Mustang GT for sale at a really good price and I drove home with it that day. I also got to keep my old car and it got repainted as well.

Then I was stuck with two ordinary red GT's. Well, I thought about my Barbie car days and what a way to stand out than to paint my car pink just like Barbie's. I've also put on chrome Mustang GT letters in the rear bumper. That is all I have done so far but I have big future plans for this car. At the time that my car was getting painted I had purchased a Steeda front splitter. It did not arrive on time, so I still need to get that put on as well. At christmas I plan to get 18x9(f) and 18x10(r) chrome Saleen rims and Pirelli tires. I also plan to upgrade my exhaust. I don't really know what brand yet.

I'm also going to get pink undercar lights to make it really stand out. After that, I'll begin with the engine. The first thing I want to do is get a supercharger for it but it'll probably be a while before I can do that. I really haven't thought much further than that but I'll keep you posted on my upgrades.

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