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Shawn's 04 SVT Mystic Cobra

Hello everyone! My name is Shawn Gutierrez. This will be the second Mustang I have posted on this site.
Your looking at a brand new 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra Mystic Chrome! Only 1000 of these built.
This is truly a beautiful Cobra and even better up close. But don't take my word for it, go and check one out at your local SVT dealer.

I have added alot of goodies to this, but not nearly enough. Here is a list of what was added:
Bassani X-pipe w/cats
Bassani mufflers with 4" stainless steal tail pipes
K&N Air intake!
Bullitt fuel door.
SVT Mustang Cobra Chrome decals.
billet accessories on the interior.
Furture mods include:
2:81 supercharger pulley
Diablo superchip.
many more billet accessories for the interior.

The beutiful woman and little girl are my wife Kristina carring our unborn son (shawn Jr.) and our daughter Ana.

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