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Amanda's 98 V6
St.Leonard, MD

3.8L 1998 v6 Mustang
I am a local volunteer firefighter/emt from St.Leonard, MD. I recently got this mustang from my grandmother (ya believe it or not) and it was completely stock. When I first received this car it only had about 16K miles on it and it now has 22k miles. Ive only had this since May. I recieved this because I totalled my 2000 Ford Focus but hey what a trade! I saw your page and have finally decided to put in an email to have my stang up on the site. Hope you guys like my car! I sure do turn some heads! This is just what I have started to do to my stang. There is more to come!

2 1/4 pipes 3" stainless steel tip Flowmaster exhaust
Tornado air management system
K&N air filter
Pilot foglights
35% window tint
Euro Crystal Clear Side Markers
Euro Crystal Clear Headlights
Euro Crystal Clear Tail lights
MWSpeedShop White Reflective Inserts
Ventshade rain guards

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