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Tony D's 00 V6
Burbank, CA

2000 Ford Mustang V6
Blue with a white top

I updated my stang a lil bit but still waiting 4 my supercharger n wheels but i did some other mods so here is a list of mods i have already n a list of new ones n mods on my wish list!!!
Mods i have already:
-Full Kamanari Body Kit installed at Showstoppers in Glendale CA (
-Aluminum Racing Wing
-17 Inch Cobra R Wheels with Nitto Tires
-BBK H-pipe
-BBK Cold Air Intake
-2-10 inch Rockford Fosgate subs
-1000 Watts Rockford Fostgate Amp
-Flowmaster Dual Exhaust
-Cobra Badging
-Custom Graphics done by TG Race Designs
-Carbon Fiber Tail Lights
Mods that r new:
-Sponser stickers
-Clear Corner Headlights
-A new Aluminum Racing Wing cuz my other 1 broke
-3.73 gears
-Jet Performance Chip
-Tokico Shocks n Struts
-Sway bars
-Radar Detector
-DVD Monitor n a DVD Player
Mods on my wish list still:
-18 o 19 Inch Rims
-Turbocharger o Supercharger
-Saleen Light Bar
-Racing Seats
_Neon Lights
If u have any questions or comments, write 2 me at

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